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Welcome to the Vassar Campus! To assist you with parking while you are visiting Vassar, security personnel will be posted in key locations. Registration packets will contain a map of the campus and below is a list of areas where there are valid parking spaces:

  • Main Drive, visitors’ parking lane
  • North lot
  • South lot
  • Kenyon Hall lots
  • Noyes House (between All Campus Dining Center and Noyes)
  • Doubleday Lane lots (along the Casperkill Creek)
  • Athletic and Fitness Center lot
  • Walker Field House lot

Parking Alert!

Please note that due to the planned Global Climate Action Day activities parking on Main Drive will be unavailable from 10:00pm Thursday night, September 19th through 5:00pm Friday September 20th. Any vehicles remaining on Main Drive after 10:00pm on Thursday will be towed.

In addition, Main Drive (from Main Gate to Main Circle) will also be shut down to all vehicular traffic on Friday September 20th from 11:00am–11:30am and 2:00pm–2:30pm.

While you are on campus, please note the areas designated as fire lanes, as they must be kept clear.

No parking is allowed unless defined by white parking lanes.

We appreciate your cooperation in observing parking regulations.